After Using a Meat Slicer, You Should

A meat slicer is mostly used in grocery stores, cafeterias, and restaurants. We use a meat slicer to cut the cold, raw meat, even to cut the other foods. You can also use a slicer for cheese, sausages’ cutting. If we did not clean the slicer after cutting meat, bacteria could easily transfer from meat to other foods, which is dangerous for people. So, after using a meat slicer, you should clean the slicer.

Following is the material that you will need to clean the meat slicer.

  • Dry or wet disposable towel
  • Small brushes
  • Scrub brush
  • Brush
  • Container with soapy water
  • Rinse container

Clean the Slicer

Following is the method to clean your used meat slicer.

  • Spray it with detergents and rinse it with water.
  • Open the blade, and unplug the slicer.
  • Wash and clean it with soapy water, and then sanitize. Soapy water should be a 1:1 ratio with soap and hot water.
  • Turn on the knob on the above side of the slicer for losing or removing the main plate.
  • Use the scrub pad or regular disposal towel to remove the food or meat particles from the slicer. It is important to clean regularly.
  • The presence of the particles can develop bacteria, which can change the quality and taste of food.
  • Then, open the small parts of the slicer like screws, seams, handles, and control knobs.
  • Dip these all small parts in detergent water.
  • Insert the disposable towel between blades for more cleaning.
  • You can use a small slicer brush for deep cleaning.
  • Dip slicer brush in soapy water and insert into the central hole of the slicer.
  • In this way, you can clean the slicer thoroughly.

FDA recommends that it is necessary to clean the slicer after 4 hours to use.


Following is the correct way to sanitize your meat slicer.

  • Firstly use gloves for your protection.
  • Clean all ingredients from the slicer.
  • Then wash the slicer with sanitizer.
  • Let the slicer dry for a few hours.


  • When you are sure that all parts are dry, then reassemble the slicer.
  • Firstly set all blade parts on the top of the blade.
  • Reattach the small plates to the guard and turn the knob to secure and maintain the guard plate.
  • Now you can plug and use the slicer again.

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Prevent Contamination

Following is the correct way to protect your meat slicer from contamination.

  • Use different cutting boards for various kinds of foods. For example, if you use one board for meat cutting, do not use the same board for other food cutting.
  • Clean and sanitize all cutting boards regularly after the use of a slicer.
  • Always wash your hands after and before the use of a slicer. A clean and sanitized slicer can reduce the transfer of dangerous bacteria such as Listeria monocytogenes.
  • Regularly examine the meat slicer for better use.
  • If the slicer has broken and defective parts, you should never use it; repair it first.
  • Always wear gloves for use.
  • Firstly, read the slicer manual. Just wash those parts of the slicer; those are washable.

Now you know in detail what you should do after using a meat slicer. Never forget any of the steps given above. It will ensure the long life of your meat slicer.

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