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Whenever you plan to buy some product, you definitely have some key aspects of it in your mind. You want some key features and specificity in your product. Similar is the case with meat slicers here. If you are a professional chef, then you are aware of the fact that how the blade size of the meat/food slicer is essential. However, being is a master chef is not the condition for this. When you are a cooking enthusiast, you know which feature is best for which purpose.

However, the size of the blade is the most crucial and primary component of any met slicer. So, its size plays a vital role in its purpose! Size also matters here, Yeah! Well, here we have tested and reviewed meat slicers having blade of 10 inch in diameter (pretty large), and here is our top recommendation for best 10 inch meat slicers. The 10-inch meat slicer can perform multiple functions. It can help you in slicing the tougher meat cuts because of the size of its blade and motor efficiency. This article is solely for those people who are looking for the best 10-inch meat slicer.

Benefits of a 10-inch Blade Meat Slicer

A food slicer with a knife size of 10 inches has a lot of advantages in different aspects.

  • You can use it to slice multiple food items such as fruits, vegetables, cheese, and different types of meats.
  • It can perform slicing even on frozen food items because of its high horsepower motor and a 10-inch blade.
  • Because of its blade size, you can slice even the hard and cold cuts efficiently.
  • The large cuts which are typically challenging to slice for example in case of the whole turkey, you can slice it with this 10-inch meat slicer.
  • You can do slicing of beef briskets, lambs, deer meat, and salami accurately.

BESWOOD 10″ Electric Meat Slicer (BESWOOD-250)

BESWOOD 10" Premium Chromium-plated Carbon Steel Blade Electric Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer Commercial and for Home use 240W BESWOOD250BESWOOD 10 inch electric slicer is as far the best option to consider for people looking for the best 10-inch meat slicer. It is not only because of its 10-inch size as not only a single feature makes any product best. There are several specifications to consider while declaring it as the best 10-inch food slicer.

First of all, the blade material is carbon steel with a premium chromium coating. This feature ensures that it will not catch any rust in the long run. Furthermore, it also makes cleaning easy because you can clean it without panicking about the corrosion.

Secondly, the size alone will be useless if it won’t have a powerful motor to run. As this is the electric slicer, so the power of the motor which runs the knife or blade is crucial. But this Beswood 10” slicer will take care of all your concerns regarding motor and the power. They are providing a 240 watts power with 110-120 volts motor.

How much revolutions a blade takes in one minute also contributes to its working efficiency. A big thanks to Beswood manufacturers in this scenario too. Because, along with the 10-inch blade size, it completes 282 revolutions per minute and it is no way less than a commercial meat slicer. At this high speed, this razor-sharp knife cuts every type of meat as precisely as you can imagine. Another noticeable feature of this 10-inch blade is its sharpness. You don’t have to replace it or sharpen it more often.

Product Features:

  • A high-power motor facilitates effective slicing without heating up.
  • Corrosion-free blade material increases the durability and robustness of this food slicer.
  • The blade is razor-sharp, and you don’t have to sharpen or replace it because of a built-in whetstone sharpener.
  • A wide slicing thickness range available from 0 to about ½ inches thick.
  • Most importantly, this electric slicer has a USA standard approval license, i.e., ETL and NSF.

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This BESWOOD meat slicer is our top recommendation for the best 10-inch meat slicer. We have selected this product after doing a lot of research. Moreover, our experience also helped us in choosing the best product for you. This product is for someone who is in search of a best meat slicer with a blade diameter of 10 inches. You can choose this one without making any efforts for research because we’ve already done it.

Our job of providing you with the best suggestion is complete here. Now it’s your time to make your selection, and we hope that this article will help you in this situation.

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