How To Cut Meat For Jerky – Make perfect jerkys of deer and beef meat!

Jerky is the cutting of meat into long and thin strips that are dried after seasoning them and can be stored for more extended periods. It was a conventional method to store the meat without spoilage. The best meat you can use for jerky depends upon you. There are no hard and fast rules to select the meat for jerky cuts. The only thing you should consider while choosing meat for jerky is that it must be free of fat. Fat delays the dehydration period of the jerky meat, and there are chances too that meat will get rotten and smelly but not dehydrate well just because of fat content.

How thick should you cut meat for jerky?

If you are new in this, then you must have a lot of questions in your mind, and one them is must be that, how thick should you cut meat for jerky? Well, it is quite a tricky part of making jerky, and the results will be totally based on it. If you make extreme lean slices, then after drying up, they will become like a hard-wooden stick, and obviously, you are not expecting it.

While if you slice them too thick, then they will not properly dry, and the idea of making jerky will be destroyed. The exact suitable thickness of your jerky should be like they are dried up but still a little chewy. To achieve an appropriate jerky texture, you should slice you jerky not less than ¼” as well as not more than 1/8”.

How to cut a top round of beef jerky?

The best part of beef meat for jerky is top and bottom round, and now you must be wondering about How to cut a top round of beef jerky? I know this is your question and don’t worry because I am going to answer that for you. You must have heard about the grain of the meat, and If not, then let me tell you about it.

The grain of the meat is the direction of the muscle fibers that lay down within the meat parallel to each other. While cutting beef jerky, the best results will come when you cut slices along with the grain. Their texture will be fibrous as well a little tough, which is the main characteristic of jerky. While cutting opposite to the grain will make your jerky cuts messy as well as not perfect. Also, remove as much fat as possible to make its dehydration faster.

Different types of meat cuts

How to cut meat for deer jerky?

The next question I really want to address is how to cut meat for deer jerky? Not everyone likes beef jerky, so you also have an option of deer jerky or venison jerky. Deer meat is also so nutritious, and jerky made from it also turns out to be not any less than beef jerky. As I already told you about the thickness range because it remains the same for every type of meat. One thing you must consider is that every meat will lose its original volume after dehydration, so don’t get confused with the amount of meat. You must have to select the quantity of the meat almost three times more than the jerky you want to make. You can choose any cut of deer meat with the least fat content and can slice it for your jerky.

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