How To Make Deer Jerky? Step by step guide to make delicious jerky at home

Jerky is the traditional way of increasing the shelf life of the meats. Deer jerky is actually making jerky from the deer meat. A particular word is used for deer meat, which is Venison. Venison is liked by most people because of its texture, richness in protein and fibers.

Step by Step Guide on How to make a good deer jerky?

For making a good deer jerky, the first thing you have to make sure is to have deer meat! Apart from joking, you can hunt down the deer yourself if you love to or you can buy it. Following are steps that will help you in making a perfect deer jerky:

1. What part is best for deer jerky? Well, I think it entirely depends upon your taste and choice. You can make it from almost every piece of venison meat, but still, if you want the best then you should try using meat from hind legs, i.e., rump roast and eye round. I prefer these because of the fact that they come out to make the most flavorful jerky.

2. The first thing you have to do after having ground meat is to remove as much excess blood as possible. For this dip the meat in chilled water for several hours because it’ll drain out all the excess blood and impurities. Then remove all the fat part from the meat as it’ll not let the meat to dry appropriately for jerky. Now, if you have skills and proper tools like a sharp knife or the jerky slicer, then you are ready to make jerky cut out of meat. If you are doing it with a knife, then it is recommended to freeze the venison a little for equal slices. The jerky cut is not usually much thicker because it’ll not dry up quickly, also not too thin. The best size is from ¼”- 1/8” as it’ll come out to be the tastiest and chewy jerky.

3. Now when you know how to make a deer jerky out of ground meat, then here are few considerations. Like if you are skilled in using a knife then you are good to go, but if you are not pro in using a knife then this may be a problem. Because everyone likes to eat, but not everyone knows how to make, and you don’t have to learn cutting jerky using a knife because there are meat or jerky slicers available.

These jerky slicers will ease your work because you can cut at any thickness you want with precision and accuracy. These slicers will let you know how to make deer jerky sticks within no time. The only thing you have to do is to learn the correct way to use a jerky slicer. This problem can also be solved quickly because most of these machines come with user manual only for user safety.

4. After slicing all the deer meat, the next step before drying is the seasoning of the meat according to your preferred taste and spices. You can use simple salt and pepper or also anything else you like to.

5. Finally, dry these slices the way you prefer, either in sunlight, dehydrators or drying oven, etc. It is totally up to your time and choice.

By following these steps, you can make deer jerky easily.

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