How To Use A Meat Slicer professionally? | Actual procedure and safety guidelines

A meat slicer is a slicing tool that was mostly used at the commercial level traditionally. Nowadays, many meat slicer manufacturers are offering slicers for domestic use. These little machines can slice a lot more than just meat like veggies, fruits, unprocessed cheese, and even meat of all types.

In this article, you’ll get all your answers regarding the usage of meat slicers. The most asked question by the beginning users of meat slicers is how to use a meat slicer machine? Let’s start with the basic types of meat slicers.

There are two different types of meat slicers based on the mode of action, which are Electric Meat Slicers and Manual Meat Slicers.

As the name indicates their way of functioning, electric meat slicers run with an electric motor while manual meat slicers entirely run by users. Both electric and manual slicers are available in the market, and the choice is totally yours. As both have their own advantages, so the choice of one depends upon the user’s preference. Other sub-types includes commercial, affordable, 9 inch, 10 inch meat slicers as well.

Some people like to use manual slicers, having complete control over slicing. At the same time, some prefer electric slicers as they don’t want to put a lot of effort when they have the automatic one easily available.

The essential components of every slicers machine are described here:

  1. A slicing Blade
  2. Food Carriage Tray
  3. Food Pusher
  4. Food Holder
  5. Thickness Setting Meter
  6. ON/OFF Switch
  7. Food Collecting Tray (sometimes bot included)

Now the name of each part itself explains its functions too. There is not any rocket science in running these machines. The only thing you want to make sure is that you have thoroughly read the user manual properly before starting your slicing operation, and you are ready to go.

Using Meat Slicer | Basic Working Principle

As there are different slicers with different specialties and features but still the basic working principle or mechanism of all the slicing machines remains the same. You must place the meat on the food carriage tray, and then the food holder will hold the meat. After setting the adjustment dial at a specific thickness which you expect of your meat to be, turn the switch ON.

With the food-pusher handle, slightly press the meat towards the rotating blade, and the sliding tray will take your meat towards the blade. The sliced meat will be collected in the food-collecting tray or any tray if it is not provided with the slicer. This is the primary working mechanism based on which all the food/meat slicers work.

How to use a deli slicer / jerky slicer?

Now you may think that there are different slicers for slicing different food items such as fruits, veggies, cheese, and even meat in different outputs like a deli, steak, jerky, etc. The question now arises in your mind will be ‘how to use a deli slicer?’, ‘how to use a jerky slicer?’ and so on. As it is already explained that the basic working principle in every slicing machine remains the same, whether it is for slicing deli meat or jerky meat.

The main difference is in the thickness adjusting limit. The deli slicers can be adjusted to slice at extreme thin diameters, while jerky slicers can slice at the required jerky thickness. Some slicers are multi-taskers, which means they can slice everything with a wide thickness adjusting range. The choice is totally yours, that what type of output you are expecting from your machine.

Safety Guidelines while using Meat Slicers

Now let’s move towards the most critical discussion that is, ‘what should you do to make sure that you are safe when using the deli slicer or meat slicer?’ Some precautionary measures must be followed to prevent yourself from serious injuries. As you all know that meat slicers have a razor-sharp blade in them, which may be severely damaging to the user if they don’t know how to use a meat slicer at home safely. These are some most essential precautionary measures to be followed while using meat slicer:

  • Always wear protective gloves that must be blade cut resistant to prevent your hands from serious injuries.
  • Always keep the machine away from the reach of children under 18 years of age.
  • Keep the machine at OFF switch when you are not using it.
  • Always place the machine on a flat surface and make sure that its rubber feet remain fixed with the place on which it is placed.
  • Always make sure that the electric requirement mentioned on the machine user manual must comply with the electric power you are using.
  • Never turn on the switch before taking all the precautionary measures and till you make sure you are ready to slice your food.
  • After you are done with the slicing, make sure to clean the meat slicer and turn Off the switch first and then the thickness setting dial to zero to avoid any injurious contact with the blade.
  • Never try to push your food items with bare hands, always use food pusher handle for that purpose.
  • Don’t ever try to move the machine while it is slicing. Always move it when the device is at rest, and the blade is appropriately in a locked position.
  • If your machine is broken, then don’t ever try to run it.
  • Always read the user manual guide copy carefully and follow all the instructions mentioned in it.
  • If you are facing any issues, then contact with manufacturers as soon as possible to sort them out the issue before using it.

We have mentioned all the necessary guidelines and the safety measures which you must follow before and while using meat slicers at home. This guide is exclusively published on TastySlicing

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