March 2, 2024

Subway, the sandwich chain known for its global presence, has been sold to private equity corporation Roark Capital, marking the quit of its six-decade run as a family-owned business. The acquisition follows a six-month search for a buyer and is positioned as a significant step in Subway’s transformation journey.

Roark Capital’s Portfolio:

Roark Capital, which has investments in major restaurant chains like Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Sonic, is set to acquire Subway. The private equity firm’s expertise in restaurant and franchise business models aligns with Subway’s global presence and brand strength.

Deal Details and Context:

While the terms of the deal were not disclosed, reports suggest that Roark Capital purchased Subway for around $9.6 billion, slightly below Subway’s asking price of $10 billion.The closure of the deal is difficulty to regulatory approvals and standard final conditions.

Subway’s Recent Transformation:

Subway has gone through a turnaround in current years with menu revamps, keep renovations, and a focal point on worldwide growth.The enterprise said its tenth consecutive area of fine income in July, together with a significant growth in North American locations. Despite this sales improvement, the number of US Subway stores has decreased in recent years from its peak in 2015.

Challenges and Opportunities Ahead:

Roark Capital’s acquisition of Subway presents both challenges and opportunities. While Subway’s sales have rebounded, US revenue is still below its peak in 2015. Roark is expected to leverage its experience in the foodservice sector to drive efficiency, increase market share, and engage consumers with innovative menu offerings.


The acquisition of Subway by Roark Capital signifies a significant shift for the sandwich chain, marking the end of its family-owned era. Roark’s expertise and investment portfolio suggest an intention to drive Subway’s growth through strategic changes and innovative approaches. The success of this acquisition will likely depend on Roark’s ability to address Subway’s challenges while capitalizing on its strengths in the competitive fast-food market.